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Corporation Eco Solutions Company. 2-Lamp Rapid Start to 2-Lamp Electronic Instant Start. Retrofit Wiring Diagrams. Notes: - This is applicable for 2-lamp T12 rapid start … Series Ballast Wiring (1 to 3 Lamps) Series wiring uses a non-shunted lampholder, with each side of the lampholder isolated from the other side. With a two lamp series ballast, if one lamp fails the other lamp connected to that ballast

will not light. Generally, rapid start, programmed start, and dimmable ballasts are wired in series. Transition Phase. Most rapid start ballasts have a transition time of about 80 to 100 milliseconds. The length of this transition is based upon the cathode’s temperature and the voltage across the lamp. However, for programmed start ballasts, the transition time to … Rapid-start electronic ballasts have a separate set of windings which provide a low voltage (approx. 3.5 volts) to the electrodes for one second prior to lamp

ignition. A starting voltage somewhat lower than that of instant ballast (typically 405-550V for F32T8 lamps) is applied, striking an electrical arc inside the lamp. T8/T5 rapid-start socket Rapid-sta rt (slide-in variety) Rapid-start (rotary locking variety) Rapid-start (kn if e- dg ar ty) I n s ta-(d on t use) Fluorescent lamp Filament Flow of electricity for filament heating Rapid-Start Lamp Sockets EcoSystem ballasts require rapid-start lamp sockets. Lutron recommends sockets that meet IEC 60400. Like rapid start ballasts, there is a white and a black wire entering the ballast, which is grounded through the case being fastened to the fixture.

When comparing the wiring diagrams, the rapid start to instant start system retrofit is relatively simple, although The I-32 will cold strike and operate one 2′ through 4′ (20-40W) instant start, rapid start, U shape or circline, T8 through T12 or 28W T5 fluorescent lamps, including energy saving and long compacts for 90 minutes at reduced light output. STEP #4 WIRING THE EMERGENCY BALLAST. > Determine the type of AC ballast installed in the fixture. > Select the appropriate wiring diagram on back to connect the emergency ballast to the AC ballast and lamp(s). Make

sure all connections are in accordance with the National Electrical Code and any local regulations. Back to Sam's F-Lamp FAQ Table of Contents. Fluorescent Fixtures and Ballasts Fluorescent Fixtures The typical fixture consists of: Lamp holder - the most common is designed for the straight bipin base bulb. The 12, 15, 24, and 48 inch straight fixtures are common in household and office use.

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